We all hear a bunch about organic products and most of the time we just sigh and think it’s just for trendy influencers that think they’re super posh and trendy. But in reality it is quite important, here are some reasons we believe drinking organic coffee is important. 

  1. Health Benefits: Organic coffee avoids synthetic chemicals found in conventional coffee. By choosing organic, you reduce exposure to harmful substances while prioritizing your well-being.

  2. Superior Taste: Organic coffee boasts exceptional flavors and aromas. Experience the harmonious blend of coffee plants and their environment for a memorable and satisfying cup.

  3. Empowering Communities: Support farmers adhering to organic standards, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. Contribute to sustainable development in coffee-growing regions.


All of Benji’s Coffee is indeed organic and we believe in serving nothing but the best for our customers. *In a trendy hipster influencer voice* So keep dreaming and drink Benji’s ☕️

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