Our Mission

My names Benji, the owner and operator of Benji’s Coffee Company. I got into coffee at 18 years old when I was in my early years of kickboxing, I first loved how it helped me with energy and assisted my weight loss process but as I dove deeper into the culture I fell in love with great quality coffee. I loved it all, from the flavor notes to the brewing methods it was just so fascinating to me, and you can’t forget about the amazing energy boost that we all love. Not only was coffee cool to me it was also therapeutic and gave me a morning routine that I look forward to every morning and mid afternoon. It was also over a cup a coffee where the idea of Benji’s was born.

Now why did I start the brand Benji’s? I wanted to create something different, I wanted to create a real brand that represented people just like me. I wanted to represent the dream chaser, the risk taker, the hard worker and someone who loved having fun in this journey we call life. Benji’s has given me the opportunity to create something great, to unite the people that want the best life for themselves and want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee to get the day started. I’m so excited to see where this brand takes us because this brand is so much more than coffee, it’s a lifestyle.